[b-hebrew] Eden & Rivers - Genesis 2:10

tladatsi at charter.net tladatsi at charter.net
Wed May 11 23:50:28 EDT 2005

The text of Genesis 2:10 does not say that the four rivers 
flow into or through Eden.  Rather a single river leaves 
Eden and then forms the *head(waters)* for four rivers, 
including the Tigris and Euphrates.  The head waters of the 
Tigris and Euphrates are very close to one another in 
Eastern Turkey not far from Mt. Ararat.  Several other 
rivers have their headwaters in that region, e.g. the 
Araxes and Keyhan (Gihon?).  So, based on a prima facie 
reading of Genesis 2:10, Eden would be in Eastern Turkey, 
not in Mesopotemia.

Jack Tladatsi

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