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On 11/05/2005 14:51, Schmuel wrote:

>... Inscriptions show that the Urartuans had at least 79 different gods and this conglomeration of gods were called "Khaldis" (Chaldees). In the inscription of Argistis near Van, it states: "This is the spoil of the cities which I obtained for the people of the Khaldis its one year... To Khaldis, the giver, to the Khaldises. the supreme givers, she children of Khaldis the mighty....." 

This suggestion sounds a lot less convincing when you realise that 
"Chaldees" is an Anglicised form of an original Hebrew Kasdim. There is 
not so much in common between Khaldis and Kasdim, even if you allow that 
the Sin in Kasdim may have originally been pronounced more like L (a 
lateral fricative, perhaps). The first letter of Kasdim is kaf, whereas 
the Kh in Khaldis is more likely a velar fricative; and the final s in 
Chaldees is the English plural.

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