[b-hebrew] Bible software for the blind?

George F Somsel gfsomsel at juno.com
Wed May 11 03:51:29 EDT 2005

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<sh at teol.ku.dk> writes:
> Dear friends
> Apologies if somewhat off-topic. I desperately need the advice of 
> those in the know.
> A blind student is planning to begin study in our theology 
> department, i.e. she will be starting Classical Greek and Biblical 
> Hebrew. I've just been informed that somebody will show up and ask 
> my advice about Bible software in regard to this. 
> We have GramCord (and Bible Windows) on all student computers (the 
> department is PC, and stubbornly so), and the powers that be have 
> informed me that this is not likely to change in the foreseeable 
> future. But I guess that if a few hundred dollars worth of single 
> user license software of some other brand is gonna save this 
> student's education, then that money can be found somewhere.
> So my questions are:
> a) Can a blind student use GramCord (or Bible Windows) with any 
> benefit?
> b) Will some other type of software meet the needs better?
> We're NOT talking sophisticated research features here, it's a 
> matter of paving the student's way through undergrad NT and HB 
> courses, and then we'll see what happens next.
> any help gratefully appreciated
> Søren Holst, Univ. of Copenhagen
> _______________________________________________

You might submit your question to biblesoftware at yahoogroups.com.  I
believe one of the members as severe vision impairment (though he is not
totally blind) and has a method of using Logos with some kind of reader. 
Since the reader is a separate program, I would assume it might also work
with other programs.  Perhaps he could be of some help.

You will probably need to go to www.groups.yahoo.com and subscribe to the


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