[b-hebrew] Bible software for the blind?

Søren Holst sh at teol.ku.dk
Wed May 11 02:54:52 EDT 2005

Dear friends

Apologies if somewhat off-topic. I desperately need the advice of those in the know.

A blind student is planning to begin study in our theology department, i.e. she will be starting Classical Greek and Biblical Hebrew. I've just been informed that somebody will show up and ask my advice about Bible software in regard to this. 

We have GramCord (and Bible Windows) on all student computers (the department is PC, and stubbornly so), and the powers that be have informed me that this is not likely to change in the foreseeable future. But I guess that if a few hundred dollars worth of single user license software of some other brand is gonna save this student's education, then that money can be found somewhere.

So my questions are:
a) Can a blind student use GramCord (or Bible Windows) with any benefit?
b) Will some other type of software meet the needs better?

We're NOT talking sophisticated research features here, it's a matter of paving the student's way through undergrad NT and HB courses, and then we'll see what happens next.

any help gratefully appreciated
Søren Holst, Univ. of Copenhagen

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