[b-hebrew] Hidden Grammatical Agendas?

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Mon May 9 15:52:51 EDT 2005


wattswestmaas wrote:

>I am interested to hear your comments please........
>I have been surfing some rabbinical "communications" on the jewish web. Most
>of the stuff goes over my head but I did come accross a very 'small'
>paragraph in a letter in response to somebody else, (unfortunately I could
>not follow the thread),  they were talking about 'Deficient spelling' and I
>gathered from the gist of what must have been talked about that they were
>conferring about the fact that assigning grammatical rules are not the sole
>priviledge of 20th century advances in the understanding of language and
>linguistics.  I gathered too from the reply that someone must have said that
>the 'Biblical hebrew' of the hebrews had its grammatical rules which may
>well have appeared 'unorthodox' to todays scholars.  But the climax came
>when the rabbi said that deficient spelling was a grammatical rule! also
>indicating (surprise surprise) a deficiency in the noun or concept that lay
>in the sentence.
>What are your thoughts please?

Jim West

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