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On 08/05/2005 22:14, Jim West wrote:

> Now, the author I have forgotten claims that Greek is 
> "Habitus-Sprahe", whereas Hebrew is a "Relations-Pr�dikat-Sprache". 
> Who is he?
>> Thank you for any help in this case! 
> Hans, it sounds like something James Barr would say. ...

It sounds to me more like something an anti-Semite would say, in other 
words a veiled way of saying that what Greeks say is meaningful, but 
ancient Jews spoke gibberish. It seems also that the problem with the 
passage quoted in Ezekiel is that whoever is claiming it is gibberish 
has simply not done the exegetical work required to understand it, but 
has relied on a misleading translation into old English which not 
surprisingly sounds like gibberish to modern English readers who are not 
native speakers - and especially if "justified" is expected to fit into 
its theological sense as used in the New Testament.

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