[b-hebrew] Re: Boring grammar again

Christopher V. Kimball mail at cvkimball.com
Fri May 6 19:19:24 EDT 2005

 From Shmuel Bolozky's "501 Hebrew Verbs", Barron's Educational Series, 
Inc., 1996, p. xii, a respected guide for students of  MODERN Hebrew:

"Of special interest are the semantic relations between the binyanim. 
When the total inventory of verbs is considered, little regularity is 
involved. However, among the more frequent, and thus more salient, verb 
forms, a significant degree of regularity is preserved, which should 
somewhat facilitate a learner's ability to begin to guess, given one 
form, what the meaning of a related one might be."

The binyanim provide a means of increasing the language's vocabulary in 
nouns and adjectives as well as verbs.

Chris Kimball

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