[b-hebrew] Re: etymology of YHWV

Dr. Joel M. Hoffman joel at exc.com
Thu May 5 11:33:22 EDT 2005

>Dr. Joel M. Hoffman recently observed:
>"...But the bottom line is that YHWH seems not to have an etymology...Sadly, 
>my theory doesn't account for any connection between the verb "to be" (HYH) 
>and YHWH..."
>I note that Dr. Beitzel expressed reservations concerning a relationship 
>between "to be" and Yahweh. Cf. an extract below of his research:

I have reservations as well.  And in the end, I'm actually a big fan
of my own theory, and I'm stuck believing that the similarities are
coincidental   But the striking coincidence is troubling.


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