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> Karl Randolph wrote:
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> > According to a theory that from the surviving documents can be 
> > neither proven nor disproven, Adam spoke Hebrew in the Garden of 
> > Eden. Secondly, according to theory, he wrote Genesis 2:45–5:2, 
> > in which YHWH is listed as the name of God, from the beginning.
> >
> > Not everyone agrees with that theory, but from surviving records, 
> > it can’t be ruled out.
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> Yes it can- and it should.  It is ridiculous speculation such as 
> one would find on a list inhabited by UFO-ers and the like.  It 
> really doesn't even deserve mention on this or any other reputable 
> and respectable list.  Let the folk over at "bible history" discuss 
> it's merits- it has none.
> Jim
> (still waiting for Dora to tell us where she studied Hebrew).
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The surviving records are so fragmentary, and the dates so speculative, that no theory can be proven.

I mentioned in earlier posts that the date for Nehemiah’s appointment to Jerusalem, depending on who you read, varies by 50 years, and that for a date about 400 
BC. Thus putative dates going back to 3000 BC are even more speculative. So much so that I don’t trust them.

If the original writing material was ink on leather, or even ink on wood, the originals have long since disappeared. In fact, writing on clay may have been started 
for temporary records that were not important enough to write on relatively permanent and expensive leather. But without surviving records either way, we can’t 
prove either.

The question was, what is the etymology of YHWH? All I pointed out is that according to one theory, the name goes back to the Garden of Eden. That is a 
legitimate response for this forum because it is dealing with B-Hebrew language use.

Your comments were out of bounds for discussion on this forum.

Karl W. Randolph.
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