[b-hebrew] YHVH Derivation

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Wed May 4 11:59:41 EDT 2005

Karl Randolph wrote:

>According to a theory that from the surviving documents can be neither proven nor disproven, Adam spoke Hebrew in the Garden of Eden. Secondly, according to 
>theory, he wrote Genesis 2:45�5:2, in which YHWH is listed as the name of God, from the beginning.
>Not everyone agrees with that theory, but from surviving records, it can�t be ruled out.

Yes it can- and it should.  It is ridiculous speculation such as one 
would find on a list inhabited by UFO-ers and the like.  It really 
doesn't even deserve mention on this or any other reputable and 
respectable list.  Let the folk over at "bible history" discuss it's 
merits- it has none.

(still waiting for Dora to tell us where she studied Hebrew).

Jim West

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