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> >          Is there any etymological connection between the Tetragrammaton
> > and the idea of "breathing" or "breath"?  The Siddur says, "The breathing of
> > all life praises thy Name," and I'm wondering if this might be more than
> > merely a platitude.  Could there be an actual connection between YHVH and
> > "breath"?
> First, Gary,  there is no "V."  There was no vav in Biblical 
> Hebrew.  I don't think there is a connection between yhwh and 
> "breath."
> Isn't it possible that yhwh is just what it is, the hiph'il of hwh taken
> from a TITLE phrase as a hypocoristicon of EL...
> HYH is Hebrew but the roots being discussed HWH is NOT...it is Aramaic.  A
> Hiph'il form of HYH is, as far as I know, non-attested.  There is an Hafel
> of HWH in Daniel 5:12 yhhwh.  It is possible that HWH was "proto-Hebrew"
> later assimilated as HYH?  It is the antiquity I am going for here.
> El and Yhwh may have been merged as an hypocoristicon. The Qal  of 
> hwh taken from a TITLE phhttp://mail01.mail.com/scripts/mail/sms.mainrase as a hypocoristicon of EL, ala 
> Albright and Cross?  A title like "El causes something to come into
> being".
> Jack
> Jack Kilmon
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Gary & Jack:

According to a theory that from the surviving documents can be neither proven nor disproven, Adam spoke Hebrew in the Garden of Eden. Secondly, according to 
theory, he wrote Genesis 2:45–5:2, in which YHWH is listed as the name of God, from the beginning.

Not everyone agrees with that theory, but from surviving records, it can’t be ruled out.

If you want to speculate as to its etymology, it seems to be more closely connected wtih being than breathing.

Karl W. Randolph.
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