[b-hebrew] YHVH Derivation

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Wed May 4 11:20:37 EDT 2005

 Yes, it is definitely the Aramaic of the Hebrew verb HYH  (to be). And indeed, it may have been an ancestral deity of some early Israelites originating in the north-west where Aramaic was spoken.
  De Moor and others before him consider YHWH a hypocoristicon of a full name such as *YHWHEL meaning "El is", exactly as the later biblical PN Yehoyakhin refers to YHWH which had assumed the form of a full name by then.
  This suggests in turn that there is no need  to regard YHWH as causative in meaning, and not to derive this from Hifil, which Albright considered here.

Jack Kilmon <jkilmon at historian.net> wrote:
"  ..it is Aramaic. A
Hiph'il form of HYH is, as far as I know, non-attested. There is an Hafel
of HWH in Daniel 5:12 yhhwh. It is possible that HWH was "proto-Hebrew"
later assimilated as HYH? It is the antiquity I am going for here.

El and Yhwh may have been merged as an hypocoristicon. The Qal of hwh taken 
from a TITLE phrase as a hypocoristicon of EL, ala Albright and Cross? A 
title like "El causes something to come into


Jack Kilmon
San Marcos, Texas 

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