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wow - it sounds like you were there


>We have discussed this extensively on the ancient Bible history list at
>YHVH or YHWH was most likely pronounced Yahouwah.     It was a variation on
>the pronunciation of a god ancient and commonly worshipped throughout
>Palestine and Syria.    Yah, Ea, and Yahu were other versions of the name.
>He evolved from the Sumerian god Enki.   He was a god of the sea,
>underground water, and desert storms.   He was a son of El, and brother to
>Baal.    Baal and Yah/ Yahweh competed for power.    Syrian stories about
>the two of them provide some of hte history of this god's name changes.
>Wherever one god or the other won, they incorporated each others' myth,
>functions, and prayers.   A number of our psalms were once prayers to Ba'al.
>Then there was Baal Berith - Lord of the Covenant.  He was probably
>originally the Hurrian god Mitras!   Their Indo-Aryan rulers brought him
>with them....    Israel appears to ahve been founded at Shechem, and many
>aspects of Israel's covenantal theology are classically Hurrian.
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>> >          Is there any etymological connection between the Tetragrammaton
>> > and the idea of "breathing" or "breath"?  The Siddur says, "The
>> > of
>> > all life praises thy Name," and I'm wondering if this might be more than
>> > merely a platitude.  Could there be an actual connection between YHVH
>> > "breath"?
>> First, Gary,  there is no "V."  There was no vav in Biblical Hebrew.  I
>> don't think there is a connection between yhwh and "breath."
>> Isn't it possible that yhwh is just what it is, the hiph'il of hwh taken
>> from a TITLE phrase as a hypocoristicon of EL...
>> HYH is Hebrew but the roots being discussed HWH is NOT...it is Aramaic.  A
>> Hiph'il form of HYH is, as far as I know, non-attested.  There is an Hafel
>> of HWH in Daniel 5:12 yhhwh.  It is possible that HWH was "proto-Hebrew"
>> later assimilated as HYH?  It is the antiquity I am going for here.
>> El and Yhwh may have been merged as an hypocoristicon. The Qal  of hwh
>> from a TITLE phrase as a hypocoristicon of EL, ala Albright and Cross?  A
>> title like "El causes something to come into
>> being".
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