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On 03/05/2005 03:48, Gary Hedrick wrote:

>      Leviticus 8:33 ends with "your hand" in the Hebrew (et-yadchem).  Most
>English translations render it as an idiom meaning "consecrate."  So where
>the literal Hebrew has, "... for seven of days he will fill your hand," they
>render it, "for seven days he will consecrate you."  My questions are: (1)
>is the et (as in et-yadchem) to be understood as a demonstrative pronoun
>here, and if so, how could it be translated (or should it simply be left
>untranslated, which seems to be how most translators handle it)?  And (2)
>are there other instances where "et-yadchem" is used in this way?
There are many other cases of ML' (piel) YAD being used in this sense, 
generally followed by a noun completing the construct chain. Here is the 
list according to BDB:

Exodus 28:41, 29:9,29,33,35, Lev 8:33, 16:32, 21:10, Num 3:3, Judges 
17:5,12, 1 Kings 13:33, Ezekiel 43:26, 1 Ch 29:5, 2 Ch 13:9, 29:31.

But )ET is not a regular part of the construction, which strongly 
suggests that in this case it is the optional object marker.

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