[b-hebrew] Leviticus 8:33

Gary Hedrick gary at cjf.org
Mon May 2 22:48:47 EDT 2005

      Leviticus 8:33 ends with "your hand" in the Hebrew (et-yadchem).  Most
English translations render it as an idiom meaning "consecrate."  So where
the literal Hebrew has, "... for seven of days he will fill your hand," they
render it, "for seven days he will consecrate you."  My questions are: (1)
is the et (as in et-yadchem) to be understood as a demonstrative pronoun
here, and if so, how could it be translated (or should it simply be left
untranslated, which seems to be how most translators handle it)?  And (2)
are there other instances where "et-yadchem" is used in this way?





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