[b-hebrew] XRM and 1 Sam 15:2

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Mon May 2 21:48:23 EDT 2005


Other commentors have also made the point that Ameleq was  
PQD'ed because they were an on-going threat, not because 
some past sin.  However, the text is quite explicit.  It 

te) yTdqP tw)bc hwhy rm) hK 
eyrcMm wtl(B jrDB wl e&-r$) le)r&yl qelm( h&( -r$) 

Ameleq will be subject XRM because of what Ameleq did to 
Isreal during the exodus from Egypt. 

Lots of other tribes were also on-going military threats, 
the Midianites, Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, etc.  None 
of them were subject to XRM.  The text of 1 Sam 15:2 is 
straight forward about why XRM was imposed.

Jack Tladatsi

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