[b-hebrew] Re: how does the eagle become new?

Deborah Millier deborahmillier at yahoo.com
Sun May 1 07:24:00 EDT 2005

To Sujata.

Thanks for the useful tip about (golden) eagles being
renewed each year. This is one possible point of
comparison and so helps me theorize some real-life

To Fred,

Shucks, all I know is what I learned from the logo of
NE$ER beer in Israel (cheaper than Tuborg or Lone
Star, but considerably more bitter). They proudly
display an eagle on the bottle, not a vulture. ;-)

Besides, who would want their NEPE$ to be renewed like
“the vulture”? And what would that mean? Does anyone
know if vultures molt yearly? They look like they’re
in a perpetual state of molting, don’t they?

To Peter,

> Remember that being like an eagle is a 
> common theme in the Hebrew Bible, 
> cf. e.g. Isaiah 40:31.

Yes, I thought of that too. And there is certainly
some similarity in the comparison between Psa 103 and
Isa 40—themes of renewal and youth. But there are some
marked differences. At least in Isa 40:31 you know
that is strength being renewed/exchanged. In Psa 103
it is not so certain what the main point of comparison
is. Your guesses, although welcome, are just guesses.
Sujata’s contribution seems to me to be the best
attempt so far at establishing context.

Shalom from Manila, Philippines,

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