[b-hebrew] 2 Kings 18:16 - Pillars??

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Thu Mar 31 13:57:51 EST 2005

>2 Kings 18:16  --  Pillars, doorpost (in Niv)
>Since this word carries with it the concept of support (as well as being the
>root behind trust and faithfulness) I was wondering if there might be an
>explanation as to why the writer has employed this word instead of the more
>frequent word that is used for pillar.  It is the ONLY occurence in the
>scripture.  Any suggestions please?
Variety of presentation.  When good writers write, they don't use the 
same words over and over again, they make use of a variety of words.  
Surely the Deuteronomist had at hand any number of words in his 
vocabulary but to vary the presentation he coined his own.  The context 
makes it's meaning clear enough.


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