[b-hebrew] God vs angels in Ps 8:5

Ben Crick ben.crick at argonet.co.uk
Sat Mar 26 15:31:42 EST 2005

On Sat 26 Mar 2005 (00:04:54 +0000), peterkirk at qaya.org wrote:
> Well, against this interpretation is LXX, and the New Testament 
> quotation based on it.

 Dear Peter,

 I was trying to leave aside the NT interpretation, and stay with Psalm 8:5
 "as is".

 IMHO the LXX board of translators were trying to avoid "taking the Name in
 vain" when they came to Psalm 8:5; so they probably substituted "angels"
 out of deference. Man is obviously lower than God, and lower than the
 angels who are in God's presence. But "the son of man" in Psalm 8:4 is also a
 specific title of God (Daniel 7:13), and it is Jesus who is named in Hebrews
 2:9 as the one being made a little lower than [the angels/God] in his

 This is no forum for discussing Christian dogma, so I'll say no more.

 Happy Easter

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