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On 26/03/2005 18:48, wattswestmaas wrote:

>He compares Genesis 10:3-4 and 1 Chronicles 1:6 where Riphath and Dodanim
>become Diphath and Rodanim in Chronicles saying that it is impossible to
>mistake a RESH for a DALET if texts were copied from non-sqaure script.  He
>actually lists quite a few examples but I have just put one here. It sems
>that the dalet and the resh are often mixed up.  Now these letters are VERY
>clear in other scripts right.  So what is the answer please?

The very simple answer, as given by most scholars, is that these were 
errors made by copyists after the square script was introduced. 
Actually, if as most believe Chronicles was written after the Exile (it 
was certainly edited after the exile), its original written form would 
probably have been square script rather than archaic or palaeo-Hebrew.

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