[b-hebrew] God vs angels in Ps 8:5

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Well I was thinking more on the lines like.  If elohim is translated as God, it would come out like. " You (God) have made him lower than God."  That does not make much sense to me.

So I was saying that maybe the mem there is saying that God has made man lower 'than' something else called Elohim.   Since XSR has an imperfect 2nd person prefix, I see that as the subject.  You[God] have made man lower than some other being called Elohim.

Make sense??

Kelton Graham 
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> > Worknig on a paper here and I was wondering which way most 
> > people translate Ps 8:5. I was thinking maybe the LXX is 
> > the correct translation because of the mem in front of 
> > Elohim. 
> > 
> > You have made him lower than (mem) something else. If the 
> > Psalmist wanted to express God there. He could have said 
> > you have made him lower than yourself. 
> > 
> > But I think the mem illustrates that God has made man 
> > lower than something other than himself, namely angels or 
> > some sort of heavenly being. -- 
> I'm not sure I follow your argument here. Are you saying the 
> preposition min makes this less likely to be about God, or 
> is it the use of elohim rather than a second person pronoun? 
> I think there may be something to the suggestion, but it 
> seems a bit muddled as it's written. 
> Trevor Peterson 
> CUA/Semitics 
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