[b-hebrew] Psalm 2:11

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> Psalm 2:11
> NaSHKu-VaR ?   This is a five part question.
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 This verse is a well-known textual crux. "Kiss the son" can only make sense
 if BaR is taken as an Aramaism. Kittel in BHS suggests in the margin that
 we transmute the awkward "and rejoice with trembling" to "and with trembling
 kiss his feet". This is achieved by moving the letters for "rejoice" GiYLuW
 into verse 12, and repointing it BiR`aDaH Na$$:QuW *B:RaG:LaYiM*. This yields
 good sense; but it has to be treated with great caution as a conjectural

 "Serve the LORD with fear, and with trembling kiss his feet: lest he be
 angry, etc".

 Neat; but too neat to be true?

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