[b-hebrew] Psalm 2:11

Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Thu Mar 24 13:07:02 EST 2005

At 16:07 24/03/2005, Trevor Peterson wrote:

>I don't have
>mine handy at the moment, but this is some type of accent
>mark. Note that there is a different accenting system for
>Psalms (and Job and Proverbs, I think) from the other books

Forgive my "piggy-backing" on your reply but I have not so far received the 
original posting on this topic ( although I can see it in the archives ). 
Rather ironic, that, since it came from the same domain as my own <g>.

BTW, the original poster seems to have misread the versification -- it 
should read 2:12

You, of course, are right about the separate accent systems for Pss, Jb and 
Prov. The insert, and the "bookmarker" which came with my printed edition 
of BHS list the accent as " pazer " ( macron over both vowels ) with a > 
cf. I 15 < where I = Job.

Could I add another guide to BHS?

Wonnenberger, Reinhard. Understanding BHS: a Manual for the Users of Biblia 
Hebraica Stuttgartiensis. Subsidia biblica - 8. Rome: P.B.I, 1990.

and on the masorah question he raised:

Yeivin, Israel. Introduction to the Tiberian Masorah. 5. Masoretic Studies, 
Orlinsky, Harry M. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1980.

Kelley, Page H., and Daneil S. Mynatt, eds. The Masorah of B.H.S. Grand 
Rapids: Eerdmans, 1998.

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mauros at iol.ie

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