[b-hebrew] Psalm 2:11

wattswestmaas wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Thu Mar 24 10:31:34 EST 2005


Psalm 2:11
NaSHKu-VaR ?   This is a five part question.

Absolutely  Nowhere in Gesenius or van de merwe grammar books can I find
infornation about two masoretic signs that are written here:

 1.  the first is the peculiar sign above the 'bet' in this phrase.

 2.  and what do these circles above letters mean that i keep coming

 3.  Is there any chance that this aramaic word for 'son' could mean
'purity'  and then one is lead to translate this phrase as:  'take hold of
purity, or embrace purity'?  the artscroll series translates it thus.

 4.  I read somewhere that 'BaR' is really a construct of 'BeN' is this
true?  One hears bar mitzvah instead of ben mitsvah?

  5. since the psalmist a few verses earlier uses 'BeN' for son, then I
wonder why he switches from hebrew to aramaic in the middle of this psalm,
unless he really wants his readers to understand something other than 'son'?

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