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On 22/03/2005 20:23, Yitzhak Sapir wrote:

> ...
>No it's not.  It's irresponsible to lump together two different
>scripts. ...
Precisely. But by what criterion is your "Jewish" different from modern 

>... its counterpart at that time which
>is more appropriate to label as "Hebrew."
And therefore it is inappropriate and irresponsible to call this archaic 
script "Hebrew", unless you are claiming as some do that it is the same 
script as modern Hebrew (and therefore necessarily the same as your 
"Aramaic" and "Jewish").

>>The terminology with Naveh and you use, calling "Hebrew" 
>>without qualification a script which is quite different from what 
>>every contemporary reader of Hebrew calls Hebrew script, is 
>>irresponsible deliberate obfuscation.
>It is obvious that the man on the street whom I will ask will tell
>me DSS is "Hebrew" script.  He will look at the Paleo-Hebrew
>script and would be unable to identify the runes.  But if we are
>discussing contemporary scholars, then no, they will realize
>that one is a "Hebrew" script and one is an "Aramaic" script.
>And for someone who would like to read literature on the
>subject, saying anything else is obfuscation, because he will
>read "Hebrew" in the scholarship and think something else 
>(namely "Aramaic" script) is intended.

He or she will not read "Hebrew" unqualified in Daniels and Bright, as 
you quote, but always "linear Hebrew" or "palaeo-Hebrew", so clearly 
distinguished from the modern Hebrew script. And D&B seem to consider 
this "linear Hebrew" a variety of Phoenician script, rather than a 
separate script; but the later Hebrew or Jewish script to be a variety 
or "form" of the Aramaic script, which is not called a variety of 
Phoenician but a separate script.

> ...
>If you would like to ask Peter T. Daniels, perhaps you should
>do it on the Aramaic list at yahoo groups.
I have already had discussions with him on that list, including some 
relating to this subject area.

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