[b-hebrew] Aprisa Old Word Hebrew Program

Pere Casanellas pcasanel at pie.xtec.es
Tue Mar 22 04:28:47 EST 2005

At 21:16 21/03/2005 -0500, Steve Miller wrote:
>Lastly, could anyone recommend a PC program for studying the Hebrew Bible
>and Biblical Hebrew?

I cannot recommend anyone, but you can find some programs on pages 27 and 
28 of my list "Bible and Judaims resources" 
(<http://www.pere.casanellas.com/bible>). Also, on page 22 you can consult 
the adresses of some manufacturers and resellers. Finally, on page 4 you 
can find some interesting resources to learn Hebrew on line (I recommend, 
for example, A Hebrew Word a Day, but it is about modern Hebrew).

Once you know some Hebrew, an excellent way to improve your knowledge is to 
read the Hebrew text with the help of the resources you have in the program 
BibleWorks, in my opinion the best program to study the Hebrew Bible using 
a PC (page 31 of my list).

Best wishes,

Pere Casanellas
E-mail: pcasanel at pie.xtec.es

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