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>As for the status of Gerizim, the excavations strengthen the idea that this may be very early indeed. How early is something we will have to wait for patiently as--insofar as I have understood--they have not gotten down to bedrock yet, but 6th century is early indeed--far earlier than Jerusalem's temple.

But they haven't got down to bedrock at Jerusalem's temple either. 
Indeed there have been almost no excavations at all of the central part 
of the site, which is likely to be the site of any early and relatively 
small temple - for which of course there is strong evidence in the 
tradition (i.e. the Bible, as well as Josephus, DSS etc). And if I 
remember correctly there are references in the Elephantine letters to 
the Jerusalem temple as well as the Samaritan one. They may have not 
found anything earlier than Herod's time, but that may well be because 
they haven't been able to look. So it is quite impossible to make any 
meaningful comparison between the ages of the Jerusalem and Gerizim temples.

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