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On 20/03/2005 13:22, Thomas L. Thompson wrote:

>From Ingrid Hjelm's larger article on recent Samaritan studies, I would like to cite her abstract from p. 9:
>"Apart from the later period of the Hasmonean kingdom, Samaritans and Jews were always separate peoples who had either Gerizim or Jerusalem [respectively] as their main cult place. ...

Thank you for the clarification. I certainly didn't want to make you 
look like a fundamentalist!

So Hjelm supports my (provisional) position that there was a separation 
already in the 6th century BCE. But her claim of "always separate" is a 
dangerous one, especially if her excavations only go back to the 6th 
century. She rightly takes into consideration the Samaritans' own 
claims. These include a separation from the Judeans in about the 12th 
century BCE. Does Hjelm have any evidence that these two peoples were in 
fact separate even before this time?

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