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I had intended to point out that Hjelm argues that there was not a split, but rather never had been a unity between these two distinct peoples: Jews and Samaritans.

   It may be a bit too early to arrive at a definite conclusion, certainly about such an arbitrary theoretical concept as "peoplehood".

   Based on available evcidence, prior to the major findings that have yet to be published, the  the relationship between these two distinct groups would be better described as kindred federations. 

    To mention only few of the reasons for the statement above,  there is evidence of  1. A common language; the dialectical variations attested are  less than those among various currenrt  Arabic or German dialects. 2. A Common deitiy    3.  Similarity of ritual: compare absence of pig bones in Zartel's alter and in the Beth Shemesh site, the first in the North, the second in South and both in contradistinction to various Philistine centers.





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