SV: [b-hebrew] Samaritan script/proto-hebrew

Thomas L. Thompson tlt at
Sun Mar 20 06:21:05 EST 2005

Dear forum,
I had intended to point out that Hjelm argues that there was not a split, but rather never had been a unity between these two distinct peoples: Jews and Samaritans.

	In responding to Yitzhaq Sapir's remarks, 
	>I do not intend to enter a historical discussion with you, unless you intend
	>to be prepared to back up your objections and claims where they differ
	>from the currently established scholarly consensus or a major scholarly

	Peter Kirk had responded:
	Well, on this issue there doesn't exactly seem to be an established
	consensus, from what Thomas Thompson and Kevin Edgecomb have just said
	on this list. (I am surprised to find myself in agreement with Thompson,
	but at least no one can accuse him of biblical fundamentalism!) And I
	don't accept that any one "major scholarly opinion" is sufficiently
	weighty that I have to argue against it in detail. But I have presented
	some of my own evidence for an earlier split, to which can be added the
	evidence from the excavations on Mount Gerizim. Of course such an early
	split was not necessarily complete, final and formalised until much
	later, and there may have been periods of mutual cooperation over a long
	period before that final split.

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