[b-hebrew] Re: Samaritan-Hebrew Schism

Kevin P. Edgecomb kevino at bombaxo.com
Sat Mar 19 16:16:59 EST 2005

Reference has been made by several to Yitzhak Magen's excavations on Mount
Gerizim, where the remains of the Samaritan Temple have been discovered.  I
read somewhere that he was (is?) assembling a book for publication at the
end of 2004 dealing with the around 500 discovered Samaritan inscriptions,
and around 13,000 coins, which date the precinct from early 6th century (!)
to its late 2nd century destruction by the Hasmoneans. This is probably why
his interpretation of the coin data has been questioned by some, as it fits
none of the current historical reconstructions.
The most comprehensive of the articles so far appears to be Magen, Y. "Mt.
Gerizim -A Temple City," Qadmoniot 33.2 (2000), 74-119 (in Hebrew).  
Kevin P. Edgecomb
Berkeley, California 

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