[b-hebrew] Re: Samaritan-Hebrew Schism

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
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On 18/03/2005 19:58, Chris Weimer wrote:

> ...
> They more than likely split after Yahwism was an established religion 
> in the north, since their ideology so clearly revolves around the 
> Torah and Torah only. Most likely it was after the return from the 
> exile and probably about the time lesser deities started to disappear 
> (Asherah et al), which would give it around the 3rd century BCE. ...

But surely the Torah only ideology suggests a split in a period before 
the other books were widely accepted. Of course there is doubt about 
when that was, but there is a good chance that it was not long after 
they were written, and so perhaps at the time of the Exile or not long 

And how would you answer my evidence for a split before the Elephantine 
letters? Additional evidence for a developing split already in the 5th 
century comes from the memoirs of Nehemiah.

What kind of evidence is there for Asherah etc worship in the Samaria 
region up to the 3rd century?

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