[b-hebrew] Re: Samaritan-Hebrew Schism

Chris Weimer cweb255 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 18 14:58:53 EST 2005

>The claims of the Bible of massive almost complete resettlement of 
>non-Israelites in Israel and deportations of Israelites, and the claims by 
>later Jews that the Samaritans represent these "non-Israelites"
>are problematic and are a different issue for history.  Based on
>language, scripts, their version of the Torah, and other factors,
>I think the "split" between Samaritans and Jews is usually dated
>to the 2nd century BCE.  I have considered it interesting that it
>is about this time that various elements of Rabbinic Judaism
>appear to develop in the Jewish community so it could be
>considered less of a "split" and more of a divergence of two sects
>from one common unified community.

They more than likely split after Yahwism was an established religion in the 
north, since their ideology so clearly revolves around the Torah and Torah 
only. Most likely it was after the return from the exile and probably about 
the time lesser deities started to disappear (Asherah et al), which would 
give it around the 3rd century BCE. By the late second century we get traces 
of Rabbinical Judaism which would further develop in the 1st century BCE 
with the DSS. I doubt it would have been this late, since Aramaic form was 
already by here the norm. So a third century split seems reasonable enough.

kindest regards,

Chris Weimer

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