[b-hebrew] audio hebrew OT

Tigran Aivazian tigran at bibles.org.uk
Fri Mar 18 06:25:41 EST 2005

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005, Jim West wrote:

> listers may be interested to know that Safra has produced the Hebrew Bible on 
> cd.
> http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2005/3/emw219254.htm

It says "Torah only", not the whole Hebrew Bible. And is it actually FREE 
or not? I didn't see this bit as I only briefly looked using lynx(1) 
text-based browser :)

I have two different recordings of the entire Hebrew Bible in MP3 format. 
One medium quality which fits on a single CD (702M, just about fits) and 
another very high quality which fits on a single DVD or 3 CDs (i.e. Torah 
Neviim Kethuvim --- natural division into 3 parts)


PS. I also have many other important things to do with the Scriptures 
(e.g. Hebrew NT in mp3, Greek NT in mp3, all[most all] Biblical 
manuscripts (both Hebrew and Greek) and printed editions (both ancient 
and not so ancient) in PDF etc etc :)

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