[b-hebrew] Yahwism (was: their altar)

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On 16/03/2005 17:45, George F Somsel wrote:

>On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:16:04 +0000 Peter Kirk <peterkirk at qaya.org>
>> ...
>>I didn't actually say this. For one thing I didn't mention 
>>And then I was only pointing out that certain evidence for later 
>>authorship which someone had put forward was in fact very weak 
>>for later true authorship rather than redaction. I consider the 
>>issue to 
>>be open, not clearly proved either way.
>You didn't say it, but if you said it you meant " . . . "
>Am I reading you correctly?
No. I am stating that "X may have committed the crime, but the evidence 
currently presented is weak, insufficient for a successful prosecution" 
- in fact even insufficient for the lesser burden of proof which applies 
in such cases.


>Ah, yes, the old "we just haven't found the evidence yet" argument.  What
>would you say if we were to dig up the entire country?  We didn't dig
>deep enough?  We're on the wrong side of the Jordon?
I am just holding to the principle of "innocent until proved guilty". 
And a negative cannot be proved. So what is the positive proof?

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