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I've asked myself the same question.

The very readable and affordable recent introduction to Biblical Hebrew and related languages, "Beyond Babel", SBL 2002, chose to focus on "the most significant" languages - and left out Eblaite (its introduction treats Eblaite as a sub-group of Esat Semitic next to Akkadian).

The top-notch (but obscenely expensive) volume ed. by the late R. Hetzron, "Semitic Languages", Routledge 1997, has a 14-page chapter (incl. bibliog.) by Cyrus H. Gordon on "Amorite and Eblaite".

I don't know of anything more recent or comprehensive for the non-specialist, but then I've done no very thorough research.

kol tuv
Soren, Copenhagen

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> Emne:	[b-hebrew] Eblaite - Ebla, What has become of everything?
> Dear Members of the board,
> I wonder if there are any of you who are familiar with the developments of
> the 17000 tablets that were found in the 1975 time in Syria.  I have tried
> searching for detailed info on the web about the translations and any
> information they can provide about the hebrew language etc.
> Mostly what i read is political problems with the Syrian officials and brief
> VERY BRIEF explanation about what these tablets can tell us.
> Does anyone know anything please?
> regards, Chris, Ireland.
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