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Hi there,

The two best grammars for the Targum are Dalman's "Grammatik des
jud.-palast. Aramaisch", 2nd. ed., Leipzig 1905 and S. E. Fassberg's
"Grammar of the Palestinian Targum Fragments" (Harvard Semitic Studies
no. 38; Atlanta 1990).

Stevenson's grammar is an abridgment of Dalman's monumental grammar.

You might also want to look at Prof. Abraham Tal's "leshon ha-targum
linvi'im..." etc. which can be seen as a grammar to Targum Yonatan, and
Dr. A. Dodi's "The Verbal System of Targum Onqelos [based on Sperber's
edition], PhD., 1970 (both in hebrew).

Levias' grammar of Gal. Aram. deals with the Aramaic of the Midrash and
Talmud. It is considered to be of very poor quality, as can be seen also
from Sokoloff's notes in the preface to the edition. It is also written
in a very strange form of modern hebrew. I bought it for 10 shekels (ca.
$2.00), and even this was too much. Anyhow, wer'e talking here about the
byzantine period, not the biblical.

I don't remember any comprhensive grammars for the Aramaic of the DSS. I
think I heard a PhD candidate of Qimron is working on it. Anyhow, in the
various journals (e.g. Lesh., DSD , and the new journal - "Megillot")
you can find a lot of grammatical treatments.

Muraoka's grammar of the Aramaic of Elephantine might also interest you.

Many grammatical works have been published on later dialects (midrash
and talmud), but that is of course post-biblical.

Shai Heijmans

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I was looking to see if the "B Aramaic" still existed but perhaps it
does not.  I've been looking at some various Aramaic grammars.  Pretty
thin pickings.  I have the works by Alger Johns and Stevenson.  I have
not seen Greenspahn or Rosenthal but I hear they are good (esp the
latter).  Anyone here familiar with David Marcus' grammar or the volume
on "Galilean Aramaic" by Caspar Levias?  Perhaps the Bergstrasser and
Brockelmann give a good overview of Aramaic?

I feel pretty confident with Hebrew and I'm mostly concerned with the
biblical era (non-Syriac) Aramaic.  It seems that most of the available
grammar just concentrate on the small portions of Aramaic in the bible
and ignore the DSS, Targums, and other important writings.

Any thoughts?

C Meadows
Marshall Univeristy
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