[b-hebrew] Overspecification

C. Stirling Bartholomew jacksonpollock at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 10 12:55:54 EST 2005

Thank you Bryan,

I took a look at these examples.

On 3/9/05 11:13 AM, "B. M. Rocine"  wrote:

> I think you asked recently for examples of overspecification of a
> participant.  I ran across a couple today:
> Gen 29:10  ...laban 'axiy 'immo...  X 3!  I suppose this may be to underline
> that Jaakob had indeed found family.  I think we should note as interesting
> that Laban may not be considered a bonafide participant in the narrative
> yet.

I agree, rhetorical underlining seems to be what is happening here. The
relationship between Jaakob and Laban is repeated because it is highly
significant to the story. Narrative also tends to get redundant and wordy
near a peak in the action. Not sure if this applies here.

> Gen 41:46   ...par`oh melek micrayim...  I would say that the "full"
> reference to Pharoah here (in contrast to just par`oh) enobles Joseph's
> promotion to prime minister.

Yes again. This struck me as a summary statement of what has just
transpired. Joseph's assent to his new office is summed up here and the most
salient issue is the status of the man he is reporting to, melek micrayim.

In both examples the "Overspecification" appears to function as a salience

thanks again,
Clay Bartholomew 

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