[b-hebrew] Clay: Overspecification

B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
Wed Mar 9 14:13:21 EST 2005

Hi Clay,

I think you asked recently for examples of overspecification of a 
participant.  I ran across a couple today:

Gen 29:10  ...laban 'axiy 'immo...  X 3!  I suppose this may be to underline 
that Jaakob had indeed found family.  I think we should note as interesting 
that Laban may not be considered a bonafide participant in the narrative 

Gen 41:46   ...par`oh melek micrayim...  I would say that the "full" 
reference to Pharoah here (in contrast to just par`oh) enobles Joseph's 
promotion to prime minister.

Longacre has a chapter in his _Joseph_ on participant reference, and I am 
sure he has a few comments on the significance of over-specification.  I 
know he marshals the reference potentials of the language and the variety of 
reference operations, such as character introduction, marking of a central 
character, plain-jane tracking, character re-instatement, and confrontation 
as found at climax/denouement.

Best, Bryan

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