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.".... Furthermore, we must
remember we have no evidence for non Asherah
worship at this early time...."
  Let us keep in mind that extra-biblical evidence for ninth century and earlier is extremely rare, and any student of this extremely interesting subject must tread here with care.
 We do have the Moabite inscription from perhaps a quarter century prior to Kunt. el- Ajrud where  Mesha the Moabite king boasts of capturing the vessels of YHWH alone , from a temple in Neboh. Ritualistic vessels  for the worship of other deities were not mentioned.
  The personal names of Israelites, both biblical and extra-biblical, and this refers to hundreds of names, include not a single female deity,   (Shamgar Ben Anat is not considered of Israelite  origin) and in only a small percentage of them, is the god foreign. J. Tigay wrote a brilliant study on this subject: "You Shall Have No Other Gods", Atlanta 1986. De Moor in his wide raging and significant work carries the subject further in the second chapter  of The Rise of Yahwism. 
     The first termple in Jerusalem is hardly discussed in this context, perhaps because all the evidence we have is textual. However if the  Neo Babylonians destroyod ,among much else, a temple in Jewrusalem, had it indeed been built in the tenth century? If so, do we have grounds  to doubt that like most temples in the ANE it was dedicated to one god,rather than to several, in this case to Yahweh?


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