[b-hebrew] "their altars" or "his/its altars"?

Deborah Millier deborahmillier at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 21:24:58 EST 2005

Kelton Graham wrote:


> And the carved images of their gods...
> So I think that is how one gets a 
> possessive plural there.  Futhermore, 
> in my BHS it has down in the 
> apparatous that some codices has this as 
> plural as well.
Thanks. It is clear enough that the OG translators saw
it as a plural possessive, so modern version may be
taking their cues from them. And that intrigues me. I
guess what I’d like clearer in my mind is why. Since I
no longer have my copy of BHS (I’m using BHL and a
CHUMASH; BHS fell apart and I don’t have funds to
replace it), and if it’s not a bother to you, I am
interested to know which codices mark  ):aS"RaYW  as

--Michael Millier
Manila, Philippines

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