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  Jack Kilmon wrote, in part:
Yahwism was not a monolithic belief.  It is common in many belief systems 
that some sectors maintain a more primitive and ancient form. 
 correct observation  - UH
  The names EL (also Ba'al) and YHWH 
may have been merged as an hypocoristicon. The Qal  of hwh taken from a 
TITLE phrase as a hypocoristicon of EL, ala Albright and Cross?  A title 
like "El causes something to come into
  They meant the Hiphil, based on the MT vowelling. Another possibility is to  conjugate it in the Qal, - so De Moor -- and consider it a hypocoristicon of an original personal name such as Yhweh El , meaning  " El  is",   "El is established"  similar to the much later Y'hoyakhin. The biblical name Yishai , David's father, had possibly a similar derivation. And corresponding names of this nature can be found among Israel's neighbors.    -UH
  De Moor's suggestion is that such was indeeed a personal name of an ancient Hebrew anscestor who was eventually deified; the first part of the name dropped, and the deified  ancestor's spirit eventually became known to the Israelites as Yahweh with his unique attributes.
  This one sentence summary  can not be a substitute to De Moor's serious, annotated and reasoned discourse in  his book The Rise of Yahwism.   -- UH
 The use of HWH, therefore appears to be WAY down on the trunk of 
the NWSem tree where it became a loan word from Aramaic to early Hebrew.
The earliest attested occurrence of the verb in Aramaic according to KAI was in the 9th century, if memory serves. Do you know of an earlier one, Jack?   --UH

The Yahweh of the Bronze Age Canaanites and the Yahweh of the Rabbis may have 
had a common ascendancy but were no longer the same.
Absolutely -- UH


Dakma daEBadton l'chad min hoLEYN AHi zeOreh ly haw EBadton

Jack Kilmon
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