[b-hebrew] schwa in imperative

VadimCherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Fri Jun 24 15:46:29 EDT 2005

I certainly agree that commands are distinguished by pitch, though also by vowel length and stress.
In milspeak, verbs are often pronounced as two different phonemes, vowel in the first one elongated. Such division into two subwords is not an option for normal imperatives, and compression of command into phonetically single word could compress it into ctov. Also, imperative verbs, unlike commands, are usually followed by nouns, on one breath, adding to compression of verb.

This compression works for cvcvc verbs. Later imperatives from hifil and piel might be simply modeled on future tense. More likely, however, is that hifil and piel cvccvc is less prone to reduction. 

I just dont believe that Hebrew grammatical forms are arbitrary, but rather evolved due to syntax.

Vadim Cherny

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