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Close, but no cigar. The Isaiah reference is about the “sons of Eden who are in Talasar” and not to a place name. (DN is spelled the same way as in Genesis, but the use here is of a people, not of a place.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> I have recently undertaken a major rewrite or
> revision on my article titled "Eden's Four Rivers" as of yesterday, 22 June
> 2005.
> I no longer identify "Eden" with Sumer lying in the great flood-plain of
> Lower Mesopotamia. I _now_ understand that Eden lies in Northern Mesopotamia
> and is the area between Haran and Sippar. In this same region lies "Eden of
> Tel-assar" mentioned by Isaiah 37:12 (Neo-Assyrian "Bit Adini").
> I explain in detail why I "abandoned" Eden being in Sumer. Cf. the below
> url:
> http://www.bibleorigins.net/EdensFourRivers.html
> Regards, Walter
> mattfeld12 at charter.net
> www.bibleorigins.net

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