FW: [b-hebrew] Re:plurality & divinity

YODAN yodan at yodanco.com
Wed Jun 22 10:04:49 EDT 2005


Quick response (which I sent to John Gray, who asked the question, but
realized that it was not sent to the group - others may find this of


Referring to God in plural does not necessarily reflect a concept of a
plurality of God, but rather a sign of respect.  Similarly to the use of the
plural "you" in French when addressing someone to whom one wishes to show
respect (even someone one is not well acquainted with).  Some to think of
it, I wonder if "you" in English used to have two different forms - a
singular and a plural - that became one.  Does anyone know?  The use of
plural when referring to God can also be viewed as similar to the way some
people use the "we" language (The Royal "We") when they actually refer to


"Comparing" God to other gods ("Who is like You among the gods...", i.e.,
there is no god like You) does not reflect an "admission" or acceptance that
there are other gods, but rather an acknowledgment that other people believe
in other gods, but those who believe in the Scriptures believe that the God
of the Scriptures is the only God and no other god in whom other people
believe is comparable to the God of the Scriptures.


Hope this helps.






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