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Zech  13:5 but he will say, ‘I am not a prophet; I am a tiller of the ground,
for  a man sold me as a slave in my youth.’  (NASB)

NJPS translates:  "and he will declare, 'I am not a "prophet"; I am a  tiller 
of the soil; you see, I was plied with the red stuff from my youth on.'  "
In the footnotes, it clarifies that by saying "tiller of the soil", the  
self-denying prophet refers to Noah, who became drunk (Gen 9:20-12).  NJPS  
understands 'adam as 'adom, red, and so the phrase is "caused me to acquire red  
[wine]", meaning that he was a drunkard.  In other words, although he  appeared 
to prophesy, it was just the ranting of drunkeness.  In the next  verse he 
explains that the welts on his back were not received from flagellation  in order 
to stimulate ecstatic prophesy but rather beatings he received when he  was 
drunk and rowdy at parties.

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