[b-hebrew] shewa in lema`la

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Wed Jun 15 18:29:16 EDT 2005

In the word lema`la [b-hebrew transcription:  L:MA(LFH  ], accented on the 
first syllable, the shewa under the `ayin is a  shewa nax (silent shewa), 
When in the pausal state, the patax changes to a qamets;  L:MF(LFH 
Is the shewa nax or na` (silent or vocal)?
References for L:MA(LFH   --  Ex 25:20, 37:9; Deut  25:13; Judg 7:13; Ez 
41:17, 41:7; Prov 15:24; Ezra 9:6; and 6 times in  Chronicles.
References for L:MF(LFH  --  II Kgs 19:30; Is 37:31, 7:11, 8:21;  Ez 41:7; Ps 
74:5; Eccl 3:21; and 5 times in Chronicles.
(obviously there are other references for the word with waw prefix or mem  

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