[b-hebrew] Gen 25:29 - 30 - Adom & Edom

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Look at the context. Esau is coming from the hunt and is very tired. He sees his brother stirring a stew with red beans. He then demands to be fed (a happax verb, we guess at its meaning) from the stew *comma* this stew... (the *comma* not in Hebrew, but understood and added for English use). The emphasis is not grammatical, but contextual. He wants to eat, now, from the stew that is already prepared, he does not want to wait for the next serving to be made.

While we are on this verse 30, is there any clue from cognate languages that can clarify the meaning of לעט l(+ ? Could it actually have a meaning such as to put in a bowl, portion out, or something similar?

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: tladatsi at charter.net
> Hello,
> In Gen 25:29 Jacob is cooking *naziyd* (boiled food) and
> Esau comes in asks to eat *ha-adom ha-adom* ...
> I have a few questions.
> 2) Is *ha-adom* repeated simply for dramatic effect, to
> show Esau's desperation or is there some gramatical or
> semantic point being made.
> Thanks.
> Jack Tladatsi

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