[b-hebrew] Q: How to use Hebrew in HTML pages

Trevor Peterson abuian at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 13 19:24:48 EDT 2005

Baruj Diez wrote:
> Dear B-Hebrew citizens,
>    I would like to write some HTML pages with some text
> in  Hebrew  (using UNICODE) and would like to know what
> is the best way to do it.

This question is probably better asked on 
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hebrewcomputing/ Actually, it's probably 
been asked enough there that you can get your answer from the archives. 
But the short answer is that, as long as your page is encoded in UTF-8, 
you should be able to insert any Unicode characters you like.

The complicating factor is whether visitors' browsers will actually 
display the text properly. If you don't add styling to specify fonts, 
the output will depend on the default fonts set in the browser. 
Generally speaking, the output should be functional (since most browsers 
are probably set to display in TNR or Arial, which under current 
operating systems should include most of the basic Hebrew characters and 
points. But if you need to display complex Hebrew (like fully pointed 
MT), or you want to make sure it's pretty, you'll probably want to 
specify a good Hebrew font for the Hebrew text.

Trevor Peterson

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