[b-hebrew] Re: Zechariah 12:1-2

Baruj Diez barujdiez at yahoo.es
Mon Jun 13 18:16:51 EDT 2005

Dear B-Hebrew citizens,

>> Zechariah  [...]  Putting  12:1-2  together could it
>> also  be rendered "the burden of the word of Jehovah
>> concerning Israel ... and also concerning Judah"?

> I  think  this  must be interpreted in the sense that
> whatever  is against Jerusalem is also against Judah,
> so  meaning  something  like  "this  cup will also be
> against Judah, a siege against Jerusalem".

   This  is  how  _The Stone Edition Tanach_ translates

         Behold,  I am making Jerusalem a cup of poison
         for  all  the  peoples all around;* also Judah
         will take part in the siege of Jerusalem.

         *  Before  the  End  of Days, the nations will
         besiede Jerusalem, and even force Jews to join
         them,   but  the  enemies  will  be  destroyed
         instead (_Targum_).

   Best wishes,

   Baruj Diez
     Asturias, España

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